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Unofficial Realms Exhibition

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4 marzo, 2016 hasta 到 10 marzo, 2016 Todo el día 白天

Mr. Film

Chi Feng Lu 630 赤峰路630号

Metro más cercano 最近地铁站

chifeng lu, Salida 1, línea 3. 赤峰陆站1号出口3号线

Bus más cercano 最近巴士站


The time between connection and completion is the theme of the Unoffical Realms Exhibition. The artists on show will exhibit works defined as “without immediate voice” and will be supported by the Dirty Panda international creative collective and the Shanghai based creative blog CNCREATE, the opening reception will begin on Friday March 4th at 5pm and last until 11pm.

The artists featured in the exhibition all come from independent backgrounds & hail from 6 countries around the world. Undefined Realms will exhibit works they define is without  an “immediate voice” an array of mediums which will include; photography, film, live performance, acrylic paintings, sculptures and sound installations. The closing reception will be on Thursday the 10th of March. The location for the exhibition is below and if you wish to contact the curator then please use the contact details below.

Address For Unoffical Realms Vol 1 Exhibition:


Nanyan Plaza, Room 1903, 630 Chifeng Rd, Hongkou District

Contact details

Email: adriantyus@gmail.com

Wechat: Liu_xing1190

Website: https://midwestcinemagroup.wordpress.com

Autor: Hola China

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