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Teachers’ day special activity

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7 septiembre, 2016 hasta 到 11 septiembre, 2016

On January 21 of 1985, the 16th National People’s Congress agreed on the proposal, decided on September 10 for teachers’ day.

September 10 was established for the teachers because freshmen at the beginning, began honoring teachers and it is easy to create an atmosphere of teaching and learning. Meanwhile, September has no other national celebrations and it is easy to focus on activities and to promote formation of respecting teachers, respecting knowledge and talents as good social habits in the country. A Teacher’s Day, honors teachers in China. Teachers’ work to a large extent determine the future of our country. Teachers work with every family and every child.

On this special day
Perhaps you have never said thank you to him.
Perhaps you have not meet each other for a long time.
It doesn’t matter.
Because the teachers’ day is coming!!!!
While it quickly.
Let your teachers have a memorable holiday.

Also our teachers’ day special activity is ongoing now.
Please don’t hesitate to come and join us.

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